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In Singapore, everyone knows that the way to financial security is to invest for passive income. But the common form of investments known to most people are either properties or traditional businesses...but they're not for everyone because they typically require huge capital and takes years to generate profits. 

Another faster alternative that the average person can easily afford to generate passive income is to invest in Stocks by using a proven Options strategy, that comes with these 3 KEY Advantages:

1. Options Gives You The Highest Return-On-Investment Every Time

With Options, you can openly own the same Stock at a much cheaper rate, hence making it more affordable for anyone to invest and profit for higher returns. Imagine owning shares of companies like Apple, McDonald's or even Coca-Cola at huge discounts! After you attend this course, you never want to pay market price for Stocks again.

2. Simple & Straightforward. No Complicated Charts Or Experience

Options trading is non-speculative - you only follow step-by-step rules to achieve 99% winning probability, which simply means that it's not a guessing game. We'll show you how to make calculated and confident decisions using only an average of 15 minutes a day...instead of spending hours to monitor financial news and charts.

3. You Can Consistently Profit Regardless Of Any Market Direction

Most investors only know how to buy low, sell high. And you hear stories, or have experienced buying low, and the Stock price drops even lower. Options, whereas lets you take profit regardless of where the Stock price goes! Even when the least unexpected happens, you can turn a losing trade into a winning position using Options.

What You Will Learn In This Stock Options Trading Course:  

  • Four repeatable steps to maximise your investment returns and know exactly when to take profits on a regular weekly basis.  
  • Discover a simple checklist to filter out profitable stocks to invest and buy them below their market price.  
  • How to make money in good or bad times, and regardless if the stock price goes up, down or sideways.  
  • How to double or triple your investment profits using the stocks that you already own.  
  • How to consistently achieve 99% winning trades so you never have to lose sleep over your investments again.  

Real People Achieving Real Trading Profits

Honest reviews from students of Terence Tan - Your course instructor

"I have never traded before attending IMP programme but with the step-by-step guides provided, I was able to enter my first profitable trade! If i'm able to follow this, i'm sure anyone else will also be able to do so."  

~Chu Er

"13 Months after attending IMP programme, I am now managing a pool of funds for my family; the strategy is simple and I don't spend my time staring at complicated charts every day"  


"Before meeting Terence and attending IMP, I was making losses trading Singapore Stocks but I have now made over USD 15,000 in profits! Thank you Terence."  


Who Is This Course For

You Already Started Trading & Want To Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

  • You want to make money regardless whether the market moves up, down, or sideways.  
  • You tried trading other instruments but struggle to achieve consistent returns.
  • You need 'insurance' in trading - Options can give you high probability win-rates with very low risks when executed properly.

You're Looking For Another Source Of Recurring & Predictable Income

  • You're looking for a proven investment strategy to generate consistent returns month after month.  
  • You don't have a lot of capital to invest and want to own stocks at just a fraction of the market price.
  • You can't spend hours looking at complicated charts everyday because you have other commitments.

Working Professionals, Stay-Home Parents Or Aspiring Traders

  • You're uncertain about the future and you're looking for another source of income outside of your job.  
  • You've always wanted to learn proper trading skills but don't know where and how to start.
  • You want to avoid the common and costly mistakes beginners unknowingly make without realising them.

Date: 6th June 2019, Thursday Time: 7.15pm to 9.45pm Venue: Robinson Square, #19-01, 144 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068908 (Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar, Exit F)  

Phone: 65 9639 0684 Email: singapore@summitasia.com 

Your Course Instructor: Terence Tan Veteran Options Expert & Chief Investment Strategist of Singapore's Largest Income Investing Community

As a trader, Terence's record stands at 373 wins out of 375 Live Trades, at a streak of 373 trades in a row with a 99% win-rate.  

Since 2002, Terence has traded successfully with stock options, futures, commodities and forex. In terms of financial instruments and live trading experience, there are few who are as well versed as he is.