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Find out why so many people are still investing despite the many disadvantages that investors face and why this 4S strategy is the best fit for anyone looking for additional income...

Here's What You Can Look Forward to Learn at my "Stock Options Trading" Course 

  • Four repeatable steps to maximise your investment returns and know exactly when to take profits on a regular weekly basis.
  • Proven set of criterias & patterns that all winning stocks follow so you invest with confidence and buy them below their market price.
  • How to make money in good or bad times, and regardless if the stock price goes up, down or sideways. 
  • How to double or triple your investment profits using the stocks that you already own.
  • How to consistently achieve 99% winning rate so you never have to lose sleep over your investments again. 
  • Why 15 Mins is all you need to create an additional weekly income even for beginners with zero prior experience

Give Me 2.5 Hours and You Will See How Even Beginners Can Safely Apply Options To Sustain A Weekly Income Consistently

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  •  7th April 2020, Tuesday (7.15pm - 9.45pm)
  •  23rd April 2020, Thursday (7.15pm - 9.45pm)

Venue: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #19-14 Singapore 079903 (Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar)  


Dear Fellow Investor,

My name is Terence, I used to be a Fund Manager for years, managing funds totalling over millions of dollars.

Now, I trade Full-Time for a living and make consistent profits every week to sustain my financially free lifestyle.

It wasn't easy in the beginning...

During my first few years trading, I struggled to find a strategy that is able to consistently help me generate profits.

But I knew I had to persevere because, like many of you, I was working in a 9-5 job and drawing a monthly salary.

Which I also knew very well that it will never help me achieve the financially free lifestyle that I want.

So, I had to grit my teeth and continue investing even though the profits wasn't much. 

Even after spending months of research trying to beat and predict the next market movement, I still wasn't able to secure many profitable trades. 

In fact, it felt like the market is going against every of my trade on purpose. 

Did you experience this as well?

You bought stocks at a low, the price drops even lower.

You bought stocks at a high, the price reverses its trend and makes a drop as well.

When a stock finally decided to play out according to my trading plan, some President just had to post on Twitter and turn everything against your postions. 

Or after holding a stock for months, the market stagnates so you decided to sell off the stock thinking it's wasting available margin. But just right after selling, the price for that particular stock soars past your expectations resulting in you missing out on huge profits.

Like you, I was frustrated with the market and wished to have a strategy that could help me win regardless if the stocks were rising, dropping or even stagnating. 

It took me years of committing myself to charting and exploring different types of investment tools until one day when I came across this article on Forbes...  

"Be Like Warren Buffett: Sell Put Options"

After reading this article, I immediately dedicated myself into months of intensive research and I finally discovered this "4S IMPossible" Options Strategy.

No turning back!

Since the discovery of this Options Strategy, I never once looked back and doubted any of my investment decisions.

Within 17 Months, I further developed, applied, and fine-tuned "4S Options Strategy" which eventually helped me to create an additional stream of income passively every week.

From then on, I decided to leave my job and concentrate on investing full-time which caught the attention of national news media and multiple Investment Talk Organisers. 

Too much attention and eager learners...

Being featured in these top media channels, it quickly caught the attention of mainstream traders.

Long story short, I started teaching them and within 5 short months, it became to be known as Income Mastery Programme where I share all of my investment secrets and trade 'LIVE' with my students to profit and create additional income together.

Jump to 2020, 8 Years later...

Today, my students span across countries in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam & Thailand and I am proud to share with you their results...

So... Why "4S IMPossible Options Strategy" And How Does It Benefit Me? 

#1 It is the FIRST & ONLY complete Stock Options trading strategy in Singapore that shows you how to create additional weekly income for yourself 

There might be many other workshops that teaches you how to trade Options - But they do not teach you how to apply strategies safely and create additional income for yourself on a weekly basis consistently. 

When you join me, you will see for yourself how thousands of my students profit together with me 

You don't have to worry about which stocks to pick and how to apply investment strategies anymore.

Because over the years, I realised all winning stocks follow a certain set of pattern and criterias which you will see and learn for yourself.

This unique combination of both picking winning sotcks and precise application of options strategies are based on years of my experience which you will never find in any books or videos online.

I'll show you how I apply the options strategies and pick these winning stocks in my upcoming free workshop

"My boyfriend traded Options for 10 years without much results but after applying Terence's strategies, he managed to profit over USD 3,000 within one month"  

After I studied with Terence, I actively participate in options trading and the return I make is a solid 7% – 8% per month. I’m very happy and satisfied because both me and my boyfriend have achieved an incredible result. That’s why I am very confident in Terence’s trading strategy.  

Ning IMP Graduate, August 2018 

#2 You learn how to turn losing trades into profits by applying a simple Options strategy that even beginners can easily apply

The best investing strategy is one that has the flexibility to turn any market conditions to your advantage and this is exactly what makes "4S IMPossible Options Strategy" so appealing to everyone. 

Making a wrong investment decision is common. 

But the difference that sets us aside from the mainstream traders is, we are able to apply simple tweaks to losing trades and turn them into profits easily. 

You no longer have to stress about misjudged decisions because with my strategy, you can easily turn mistakes into profits.

Find out how my students, even those with zero prior investment can easily apply this "Repair Strategy" within 15 mins in my Workshop

"When it comes to repairing a trade, it is not as difficult as I thought it would be... I can ask Terence anything! After trading for some time, I realized that seemingly, there is no way to lose money"  

There will always be mistakes when it comes to trading. Especially for beginners. The important thing is to have a good mentor beside you on every step along the way, and able to tell you how to fix things when something unexpected happens so that we can "pick ourselves up" again. This is why we are proud to say that eventually, we always win every trade.  

Mod IMP Graduate, August 2018

#3 I am so confident in my strategy that I allow my students to copy every of my 'LIVE' trades and profit together

"Walk the Talk"

If I am so confident, why don't I share my trades with my students? 

Which is exactly what I do for all of my students. 

Learning and applying something new is scary to a lot of people and I understand this fact. 

Which is why, you can copy exactly what I do in the markets and I handhold you to make sure you profit from the same trades that I place to help you gain confidence trading Options in the Stock Markets.

You might not have time to study the charts to find winning trades everyday. 

Which is also why, I frequently highlight profitable Stocks & Opportunities in my FB Group so you don't need constant monitoring.

You will have the opportunity to immediately join this FB group after my 3-Hour Workshop sharing

PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP All my students have access to the trades that I make every week

#4 You get to apply a strategy that boasts a 99% Winning Rate with proven track record of 433 Wins out of 435 'LIVE' Trades

Too good to be true!

Or... You sure or not?

That's what I always get when I tell others about my winning rate.

But that's just because they don't understand the Investing Game. 

Profitable traders don't look for big wins in the Stock Market. 

Profitable traders like us look for small wins with consistent profits.

Which is exactly what you will be learning when you join our IMP community of traders 

You will begin to see investing in a different light and start creating additional weekly income for yourself.

"Ever since I attended the course, I have been consistently making money and achieving a 100% winning rate by following Terence and using the IMP strategy"  

I traded Stocks, I traded Forex but Options trading is the only one that gives me the opportunity to make money. If you can follow simple instructions, you can execute your first trade. You just need to have the trust in Terence that he will guide you when the trade is right as well as when the trade is wrong.

Yan Yuan IMP Graduate, 2016

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Reserve Your Seat(s) to Singapore's Only Options Trading Course With 'LIVE' Trades Guidance


  •  7th April 2020, Tuesday (7.15pm - 9.45pm)
  •  23rd April 2020, Thursday (7.15pm - 9.45pm)

Venue: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza #19-14 Singapore 079903 (Nearest MRT: Tanjong Pagar)  

Your Course Instructor: Terence Tan Veteran Options Expert & Chief Investment Strategist of Singapore's Largest Income Investing Community

As a trader, Terence's record stands at 433 wins out of 435 Live Trades, at a streak of 433 trades in a row with a 99% win-rate.  

Since 2002, Terence has traded successfully with stock options, futures, commodities and forex. In terms of financial instruments and live trading experience, there are few who are as well versed as he is.