Calling ALL Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Startups & Driven Business Owners Who Want To Build Million Dollar Businesses In Malaysia & Beyond!

Build & Grow Your Simple Ideas Into Million Dollar Businesses WITHOUT LOTS OF MONEY By Applying This Little-Known Business Secret 

Hi, I'm Vince Tan, Serial Investor, Entrepreneur & Top 30 Most Influential Young Malaysian Entrepreneurs Awardee. What I'm about to share with you is the strategies that I used to generate $1 million from 4 product launches in just 7 days, and grew three multi-million businesses from scratch in a matter of months.


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3 Hour Course Approximately 150-180 minutes depending on Q&A.

What Is Entrepreneur Masterclass

1. Monetizing your ideas

Many aspiring and existing entrepreneurs have creative ideas but have zero clue on how to monetize them and create a business out of it. Entrepreneur Masterclass will help validate your ideas and build a business out of it even if your ideas are unoriginal or already taken by somebody else! 

2. Building businesses with minimal start-up capital and risk

It is a huge misconception that you have got to have a huge capital and bear huge risks to build businesses. In this 21st Digital Century, it is no longer true and in Entrepreneur Masterclass, you will find out how to leverage on technology to start businesses with almost-zero capital and risk! 

3. Generate revenue & profits before your business commence operations

No matter which kind of products you are selling, you no longer have to store inventories and risk being stuck with bulks of stock. Instead, Vince will reveal in Entrepreneur Masterclass, how you can create revenue and profits before you own any products!  

In This Entrepreneur Masterclass, You Will Discover:

  • How highly successful entrepreneurs validate their ideas and build businesses with ZERO Risk applying one simple technique  
  • When is the best time to launch your products or services and how you can easily get customers to buy them before they are even ready!  
  • How you can turn simple ideas into multi-million businesses without reinventing the wheel and attract investors that will pay insane amounts to buy over your business.  
  • A proven system to ensure you immediately generate sales and profits EVEN before your start your business.  
  • The SECRET in getting investors to support and fund your business. Use these tips to maximise the valuation of your company.  
  • How to breakthrough any business growth plateau applying one simple business strategy that has been proven to turnaround multiple businesses  
  • And much more...

How Vince Tan Helped These Founders Build Million Dollar Businesses

Vicki Wong Housewife Turned Seafood Entrepreneur  

"The Entrepreneur Masterclass gives you a very logical, systematic, and easy-to-follow steps to build & grow a business from any idea, even if you've never ran a business before just like me. Within less than 6 months, I met an investor who invested in my business idea at 2 million valuation. It grew to a point that I can afford a garage, fridges and freezers to take on Holland's 53 million Euro market in the future!"

Alen Murugan Teacher  

"Just one month after attending the Entrepreneur Masterclass with Vince, I launched my first online webinar on UPSR for primary school students. Unexpectedly, I successfully attracted over 20,000 visitors and 8,367 sign-ups! That's not all, using the same strategy I learned in the Entrepreneur Masterclass, I sold out 100 UPSR revision sets and made RM25,000 in just 20 minutes" 

Michael Teoh Founder of Thriving Talents  

"Vince has helped us to grow our business into a multi-million dollar business who have established a training company and train across 39 countries!"


Derek Founder of WOBB  

""Vince helped us developed our first prototype in the company, and he gave me really good input and advise that helped us right at the beginning to get us where we are today. WOBB most recently raised 1.7 million funding, based on a 15 million valuation"

Who Should Attend

  • Are you an aspiring entrepreneur? You want to escape the corporate rat race & turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality.  
  • You lack the experience, guidance, resources or ideas to kickstart and build a profitable business.
  • Have you been in business for sometime but you're feeling stuck and not sure how to take your business to the next level?  
  • Startups or new business owners who wants to take their businesses to million dollar valuation.
  • Learn how to effectively use social media to massively increase brand awareness and generate more sales.  
  • Gain valuable insights from one of the top veterans in Digital Marketing to grow your business.

Choose Your Preferred Session & Reserve Your Seat(s) to Entrepreneurship Masterclass  

  •  5 November 2019, Tuesday 7.30pm to 10.30pm  
  •  12 November 2019, Tuesday 2.30pm to 4.30pm  


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Speaker: Vince Tan Serial Investor, Entrepreneur, Leading Authority in Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Vince Tan is an investor, entrepreneur, startup mentor to several promising companies as well as CEO of Shock Media Studio, a top web development company and one of the fastest growing digital agencies in Asia. In less than 5 years, he helped several businesses grow to a combined valuation of RM60-70 million. Vince is known as one of the top digital marketers in the world, and was voted Top 30 Outstanding Young Malaysian Award and 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs award.